Free Gift #5

If you signed up for the subscription-based version of the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang model build, you were supposed to receive five FREE gifts along the way. The first four consisted of a Poster, a Collector’s Binder, a Full-size Metal License Plate, and a Heated Travel Mug. The fifth and final gift is this Display Base which arrived with my shipment of Issues 9 and 10 (Kits 31-38).

The Display Base consists of a fairly simple black wooden frame. The frame is finished with a matte lacquer paint and the corner seams are filled pretty well. It is 27″ W x 14-1/4″ D x 1-9/16″ in size, but the plague mount at the front adds another 7/8″ of depth. At the front, there is a glossy faceplate with the Eleanor logo in full color (under a protective film in this image):

This design is slightly different than what is advertised on the Eaglemoss website (shown below), but it is perfectly acceptable:

I won’t be using this base as my partworks are in a display case, but it is a nice plinth to display the completed model on!