During the build of this Fanhome 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang partwork model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each kit. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

KitContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Front Section and Headlights111166
02Front Left Rim and Tire415612
03Air Filter, Carburetor, and Cylinder Head924820
04Hood, Grilles, and Central Lights731626
05Driver's Seat334430
06Brake Disc and Caliper539131
07Front Right Rim241334
08Front Right Rim and Tire243337
09Brake Disc and Caliper548138
10Left Door Mirror and Holder553240
11Left Window and Door Hinge356444
12Left Door Inside Panel and Handle359347
13Left Door Trims and Window Winder362552
14Left Seat Bottom and Cushion264456
15Right Door Mirror and Handle569258
16Right Window and Door Hinge372462
17Right Door Inside Panel and Handle375365
18Right Door Trims and Window Winder378570
19Right Seatback381474
20Chassis Rear Part182074
21Fuel Tank (1)183074
22Fuel Tank (2)184478
23Right Seat Bottom and Cushion286482
24Chassis Rear Middle Part 1187486
25Chassis Rear Middle Part 2188995
26Rear Axle 1 and Differential Housing Cover290297
27Rear Axle 2 and Springs3936103
28Left Leaf Spring and Spring Holder6994107
29Left Brake Disc and Shock Absorber71062109
30Left Wheel Rim and Center Cap31093112
31Rear Left Wheel External Rim and Tire21114116
32Rear Left Wheel Housing Liner11123119
33Right Leaf Spring and Holders61184123
34Rear Right Brake Disc and Shock Absorber71252125
35Rear Right Wheel Rim and Center Cap31283128
36Rear Right Wheel External Rim and Tire21304132
37Rear Right Wheel Housing Liner11313135
38Middle Chassis 111324139
39Middle Chassis 211339148
40Transmission Shaft21355153
41Gearbox Cover and Support Bracket21374157
42Front Chassis11384161
43Front Wheel Housings21404165
44Tie Rods and Steering Rack31434169
45Anti-Sway Bar Brackets and Steering Gear41474173
46Anti-Sway Bars11486179
47Top Control Arms61546185
48Left Exhaust Pipe11552187
49Right Exhaust Pipe11562189
50Front Floor Elements41601190
51Front Floor Kick Panels and Pedals61669199
53Dashboard Instruments and Trim51735205
54Glove Box, Radio, and Fire Extinguisher81819214
55Rear Floor and Front Seat Belts51868222
56Front and Rear Floor Mats41900222
57Rear Seat Base11914226
58Rear Luggage Platform11923229
59Lower Trim Panel, Rear Seat Latch, Courtesy Light31955234
60Upper Trim Panel, Ventilation Grille21976240
61Trunk Partition Panel11983243
62Rear Folding Panel, Hinge22003246
63Rear Seat Back22023249
64Lower Trim Panel, Rear Seat Latch, Courtesy Light32055254
65Upper Trim Panel, Ventilation Grille22075259
66Roll Bar, Heater Box22092261
67Seat Belts82174265
68Rear Seat Cushions12184269
69Deck Base42224273
70Steering Wheel/Column, Tachometer1323510283
71Battery, Trunk Floor82437290
72Rear Bulkhead, Fuel Tube32464294
73Trunk Panels, Nitrous Tank62529303
74Radiator, Fan Motor32551304
75Fan Housing/Blades22574308
76Radiator Honeycomb/Top42613311
77Engine Timing Cover52663314
78Alternator, Pulley System52712316
79Right Engine Block52762318
80Left Engine Block42804322
81Crankcase Cover, Oil Filter62862324
82Oil Pan Cover, Spark Plug Wires32893327
83Right Engine Bulkhead52945332
84Firewall, Brake Master Cylinder63007339
85Left Engine Bulkhead73078347
86Strut Brace, Battery Box63132349
87PCB, Wiring113242351
88Front Left Fender13250351
89Chassis Front Support Panel13262353
90Front Right Fender13272355
91Main Body Shell13284359
92Air Scoops, Gas Cap63346365
93Hood Springs/Hinges834214379
94Washer Fluid Pump, Hood Locks83504383
95Front Support, Wiring Tabs53556389
96Trunk Lid/Lock Striker23572391
97Tail Panel, Trunk Hinges736414405
98Left Tail Light33672407
99Right Tail Light113782409
101Windshield Frame/Wipers33820409
102Hood Vent Panel, Body Struts43868417
103Rear Window13870417
104Rear Window Frame13880417
106Door Trim, Sill Guards43932419
107Visors, Rear-view Mirror43979428
108Rear Valance, Reverse Lights54026434
109Rear Bumper, License Plate24042436
110Side Skirts, Tail Pipe Trim, 4-post Lift64108444
111Lock Rail, Hydraulic Tank/Pump541514458
112Rear Crossbeam, Ramp Clips34184462
113Right Ramp, Rolling Jack44223465
114Right Runway, Slip Plate, Lock64285470
115Rear Left Column/Foot24302472
116Lock Rail, Left Ramp343312484
117Left Runway, Slip Plate, Lock, Rolling Jack744014498
118Left Runway, Slip Plate, Lock64466504
119Front Crossbeam, Wheel Blocks34494508
120Front Left Column/Foot24512510
121Lock Rail, Rolling Jack3348411521
122Rolling Jack Parts54899530
123Right Runway, Slip Plate24919539
124Front Right Column/Foot24932541
125Lock Rail, Lock Parts950212553
126Rolling Jack Sliding Rails25048561
127Rolling Jack Sliding Rails25068569
128Left Battery Box, LEDs1852410579
129Rolling Jack Sliding Rails25268587
130Right Battery Box, LEDs1854410597