During our build of the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang partwork model, we will use many different kinds of screws. They vary in types and sizes, but are all Phillips-head and appear to be metric. Each kind of screw is designated with a four character code, such as DS02 or PS05. The first letter indicates which material that screw is to be driven into, while the last two numbers indicate the type/size of screw:

  • D = Die-cast Metal
  • P = Plastic

The table below contains all of the screws I have encountered so far in my build. Any missing data in the tables will be added when I receive those screws in later kits.

Screws – For Metal

ScrewSizeColorHeadIncluded in Kit(s)
DS022.3x4 mmBlackPan1, 3, 4, 8
DS031.8x4 mmBlackPan4
DS042.3x3 mmBlackFlanged6, 9
DS061.2x3 mmBlackPan10

Screws – For Plastic

ScrewSizeColorHeadIncluded in Kit(s)
PS041.2x3 mmBlackPan1, 2, 10
PS052.3x4 mmBlackPan2, 3, 5, 7

Building the 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang from Eaglemoss