As with any model build that includes lighting, there is going to be wiring. This 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang is no different. It actually contains a good amount of wiring that has to be tested, managed, and cared for.

A few things to note about wiring the model:

  • Polarity matters – LEDs are diodes and will only work with the correct flow of electricity. Be sure to check connection orientation.
  • Don’t pinch – Wires can easily be pinched between two pieces and cause a short, especially metal. Take care during assembly.
  • Seat the plugs – Make sure all connectors are fully seated in their sockets.

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) supplied in Kit 87 has ten (10) sockets on it that are each labelled 1 through 10:

The wiring connected to this PCB is listed here, in order of wire label marking:

Wire LabelPCB SocketPurposeSupplied with KitActivated By
011Left Headlight/Fog Light4Power Switch
022Right Headlight/Fog Light4Power Switch
033Engine Sound Switch51Accelerator Pedal
044Brake Light Switch51Brake Pedal
055Horn Switch70Steering Wheel Center
066Power Switch79Left Dashboard Switch
077Battery Compartment83-
099Left Tail Lights98Power Switch
1010Right Tail Lights99Power Switch