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“You will now assemble the air filter, one of the most distinctive mechanical parts of the Eleanor Mustang. Once this is built, you will attach it to the carburetor on the cylinder head.”

NOTE: There is a printing error in Step 3.9 of the magazine for this kit. I have included the correction in the steps below.



Magazine – Issue 2

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
  • The Beautiful Eleanor: The Beginning, Toby’s Adventures
  • The “Gone in 60 Seconds” Universe: Remaking a Classic, 60 Seconds Files
  • The Cars with Women’s Names: Tanya, Megan
  • Classic Mustangs: Ford Mustang 1964 ½

Free Gift #2 – Collector’s Binder


Air Filter, Carburetor, and Cylinder Head

Step 3.1

I wanted to add some color to this engine. First, I used my Liquid Chrome marker to give the bolt heads a nice mirror finish:

Next, I airbrushed both Cylinder Head Covers with Tamiya X-1 black gloss acrylic paint:

Then, I hit the bolt heads on these with the Liquid Chrome marker as well:

Fit the Left Cylinder Head Cover over the two ribbed screw holes of the Intake Manifold.

Be sure the orientation of the Left Cylinder Head Cover to the Intake Manifold is correct, as shown:

Step 3.2

Secure these parts together from below with two (2) DS02 screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 3.3

In the same way, fit the Right Cylinder Head Cover over the ribbed screw holes on the opposite side of the Intake Manifold, as shown:

Step 3.4

Like before, secure these parts together from below with two (2) DS02 screws:

Step 3.5

To make the engine even more interesting, I used my Liquid Chrome marker on this Oil Filler Cap:

Press the D-shaped pin of the Oil Filler Cap into this matching hole of the Left Cylinder Head Cover, as shown:

Step 3.6

Fit the Air Filter Mesh into the groove of the Air Filter Top, wrapping it around as shown.

I chose to leave the seam at the ends of the Air Filter Mesh at the very back of the Air Filter Top so as not to be seen easily:

Step 3.7

Fit the groove of the Air Filter Bottom on top of the exposed Air Filter Mesh, making sure the mesh is fully seated all around and the two recessed screw holes of the Air Filter Bottom are aligned to the matching posts of the Air Filter Top, as shown:

Secure the Air Filter Bottom to the Air Filter Top (enclosing the mesh in between) with two (2) PS05 screws:

Step 3.8

These carburetors are typically more of a brass color, so I hit them with my Metallic Gold Sharpie and used the Liquid Chrome marker on the bolts:

Fit the locating pins of the two Carburetors into the matching pairs of alignment holes on top of the Intake Manifold.

These Carburetors have a specific way of being installed. If you look at these shallow holes across the top of the Intake Manifold, they are off-center:

The pins on the bottom of the Carburetors are also off-center:

Match these up to align the larger center holes correctly and then press the Carburetors into place:

Step 3.9

Fit the posts of the Air Filter assembly down through the holes of the Carburetors and into the Intake Manifold.

NOTE: There is a misprint in the original magazine instructions for this step showing the Air Filter installed backwards with the ‘ELEANOR’ facing the back of the engine. Instead, it should be installed as shown:

Step 3.10

Secure the Air Filter assembly to the Intake Manifold from below with two (2) PS05 screws:

That step completes this kit. Here is my modified engine side-by-side with the stock parts:


I really enjoy how much this engine came alive with some added colors! It may not be 100% accurate, but it sure looks better.

Next Up

 Kit 4 – Hood, Lower/Main Grilles, Lower Grille Headlights, Headlight LEDs

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    1. As long as the parts are clean and you use a decent model paint, I do not typically prime my plastic parts. For 3D-printed or metal parts, I do tend to prime them.

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