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“In this phase you will assemble the disc and the brake caliper of Eleanor’s front left wheel. You will also attach the wheel hub cap to the center of the rim.”





Brake Disc and Caliper

Step 6.1

Fit the long post of the Left Suspension Knuckle through the center of the Left Brake Disc Interior from the side with the pins, then press those two locating pins on the Left Brake Disc Interior into the matching alignment holes of the Left Suspension Knuckle.

The two pins of the Left Brake Disc Interior are different sizes, so this should only fit the correct way. These parts will be loose until we add the wheel:

Step 6.2

Fit the smooth side of the Left Brake Disc Exterior over the exposed post of the Left Suspension Knuckle, as shown:

Step 6.3

I wasn’t excited about the entire brake system being silver. Therefore, I airbrushed both front Brake Calipers (the one from this kit and the right side one from Kit 9)with Tamiya X-1 black gloss acrylic paint:

Fit the Left Brake Caliper over both Brake Disc parts, as shown:

Slide the two locking tabs of the Left Brake Caliper into this matching slot on the back of the Left Suspension Knuckle:

Step 6.4

Note that the Left Brake Disc Exterior has this slot in it:

Retrieve your Front Left Wheel assembly from Kit 2. Fit the slot of the Left Brake Disc Exterior into the back of the wheel, aligning it to the matching tab inside the wheel:

When these parts are matched up, the hub should sit flush against the wheel:

Step 6.5

Secure the Front Left Wheel assembly to the Left Suspension Knuckle with one (1) DS04 screw.

Tighten this screw enough that the wheel does not wobble, but not so tight that the wheel cannot rotate on the knuckle. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 6.6

Fit the Center Cap into the outside center of the wheel.

The Center Cap has a magnet inside it, so it will hold itself in place and can be easily removed later as needed:


So far, this is one of the simpler suspension/brake systems I have built on a partwork model! Keep this wheel somewhere safe for now.

Next Up

 Kit 7 – Front Wheel

6 thoughts on “KIT 6”

  1. First off, thanks for all the time and effort you put into this website. As a complete modeling newbie, I use it often and really appreciate it. What ratio did you mix your caliper paint at? They will be the first things I’ve ever airbrushed. Thanks!

    1. I fixed your comment and thank you! When mixing paints to airbrush them, I typically start with the thinner/alcohol/water, then add paint until it is the consistency of 2% milk. If it is too thick, it will come out splotchy or not at all. If it is too thin, it can spray everywhere (runny) or take too many coats. It takes some practice, and playing with your distance to the part and air pressure makes a difference. Try on something you don’t need and play with it. It took me a long time to get better at it and I am still not an expert.

  2. Great websites – they’re a fantastic resource for fellow builders! My brake disc in kit 6 was textured with a drilled and grooved effect, but the next one supplied with kit 9 was blank with ejector pin marks like in your photos? I read somewhere (maybe here) that Eaglemoss were going to be supplying higher quality replacements at a later stage – perhaps I got one of these in kit 6?

    1. Thank you! I think I remember hearing something about a change in the brake discs. Perhaps EM is indeed starting to swap them out, but it is strange that they did not do them all at once. Stock of the old ones, etc. Do you have a picture? I would love to see them.

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