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“In this phase you will complete the assembly of the second wheel of your Eleanor Mustang model.”





Front Right Rim and Tire

Step 8.1

Start by soaking the Tire in hot water (+167°F or 75°C). It should sit for at least two (2) minutes.

Hot water can cause burn your skin, so be careful here. This water will soften the rubber Tire for easier installation in Step 8.4:

Step 8.2

As before, I hit the tip of the tiny valve stem on this External Rim Ring with my Black Sharpie to make it look like it had a tiny cap on it:

Retrieve your Rim assembly from the previous kit. Fit this External Rim Ring to the Rim assembly, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Step 8.3

Secure these parts together from behind with three (3) DS02 screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 8.4

Remove the Tire from the hot water and stretch it over the wheel assembly until the tire ‘beads’ are fully seated on both sides.

Use tweezers, fork, or similar tool to extract the Tire from the water, we don’t want to burn ourselves. While the Tire is hot and soft, it is easier to stretch it over the wheel assembly:

Be sure to align the tread pattern of the Tire to the wheel correctly, opposite from the first wheel we built, as shown:


The first wheel arrived all in one kit. This second wheel took two kits to build. I hope this does not mean we are going to have lots of small groups of parts as this build goes on! Keep this wheel nearby as we will need it in the next kit.

Next Up

 Kit 9 – Right Brake Disc Exterior/Interior, Right Suspension Knuckle, Right Brake Caliper, Center Cap

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