KIT 101

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“In this phase, you will install the Windshield and its frame onto the main body shell of your Eleanor Mustang.





Windshield Frame and Wipers

NOTE: The two Windshield Wipers will not be needed until the next kit, so they can be set aside for now:

Step 101.1

Retrieve your Body assembly from Kit 99 and your Windshield from the previous kit. Slide the long lower tab of the Windshield down into this matching opening of the Body, as shown.

To help keep fingerprints off the clear plastic, you may want to wear some vinyl gloves for this step:

Step 101.2

Fit the Windshield Frame to the Body by first sliding its three lower tabs down into these matching slots, in front of the Windshield:

Step 101.3

Then, press the pins along the sides and top of the Frame into the respective holes of the Body.

This will Frame capture the Windshield in place:


If you find the fitment of your Windshield Frame loose, you can use some small drops of PVA glue to help hold it in place. Try not to use super glue as the fumes it gives off can cloud the clear plastic.

Next Up

 Kit 102 – Hood Ventilation Panel, Strut Rods/Fixing Plate

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