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“In this phase, you will install the Hood Ventilation Panel, the Windshield Wipers, and the body Strut Rods onto your Eleanor Mustang.





Hood Ventilation Panel and Body Struts

Step 102.1

Align the small eyelet of a Strut Rod under this hole of the Strut Rod Fixing Plate, orienting it as shown.

Note how the hole on the large end of the Rod (circled below) is facing down here:

Secure the Rod to the Fixing Plate from the side with the pins, with one (1) PS21 screw.

Make these screws snug, but not too tight. We will need to adjust the angle of this Rod later on:

Step 102.2

In the same way, secure the small eyelet of the other Strut Rod under this opposite hole of the Strut Rod Fixing Plate with one (1) more PS21 screw, again orienting it as shown:

Step 102.3

Fit the pins of the Fixing Plate into the matching holes at this location on the underside of the Hood Ventilation Panel, as shown:

Step 102.4

Secure the Fixing Plate to the Ventilation Panel from the top side with two (2) more PS21 screws:

Step 102.5

Retrieve both of your Windshield Wipers from the previous kit. Fit the post of Windshield Wiper 1 into this matching hole of the Hood Ventilation Panel.

The two Wipers are not the same. The Wiper for the driver side of the car has a slightly bent arm (arrow below):

Knowing this difference, I am going to ignore the part numbers/names and I will refer them as Driver’s Wiper and Passenger’s Wiper. In this step, we install the keyed post of the Passenger’s Wiper into this matching hole of the Ventilation Panel, as shown:

Step 102.6

Secure this Wiper into place from below with one (1) PS17 screw.

Do not over-tighten these PS17 screws. Just snug is fine – it will allow us to adjust the angle of the Wipers later on:

Step 102.7

In the same way, fit the keyed post of Driver’s Wiper into this matching hole of the Hood Ventilation Panel, as shown:

Step 102.8

Secure this Wiper into place from below with one (1) more PS17 screw:

Step 102.9

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous kit. Slide this Hood Ventilation Panel (Strut Rods first) down through this large slot behind the Hood, as shown:

Then, we can tilt the Ventilation Panel back until its two mounting posts fit into the holes of the Body. It should up sitting flush with the Wipers resting gently on the Windshield surface, as shown. You should be able to lightly rotate each Wiper until they are level with the bottom of the Windshield:

Step 102.10

Secure his Ventilation Panel into place from the inside with two (2) DS02 screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


We are quickly approaching the completion of our Body assembly! Unfortunately, there will be a delay in receiving the next set of kits from Fanhome. I will prioritize creation of those pages as soon as the part arrive!

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