KIT 104

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“In this phase, you will install the rear window and its frame onto the main body shell of your Eleanor Mustang.





Rear Window Frame

Step 104.1

Retrieve your Body assembly from Kit 102 and your Rear Window from the previous kit. Fit the Rear Window into this matching opening at the rear of the model, as shown.

The lower edges of the Rear Window are squared corners, so this should help you know which way is up. Also, the curvature of this part should match the shape of the opening:

Step 104.2

Starting at the bottom edge, clip the tabs of the Rear Window Frame into the same Body opening, capturing the Rear Window in place.

This Frame also has squared corners at the bottom edge:

Step 104.3

Continue clipping the Frame tabs into place along the sides (yellow arrow below), and then across the top edge (red arrows):


I appreciate how easy it was to install this Rear Window. It can be very tricky on some other models!

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