KIT 17

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“In this phase you will assemble the opening mechanism for the door handle. Then you will fix the door handle onto the right door.”





Right Door Inside Panel and Handle

NOTE: As with the previous door, my lock pin broke off at some point during shipping. Make sure yours is in place, and if not, check the packaging! We will glue it back on shortly.

Steps 17.1

Fit the post of the Right Door Handle into the matching notch of the Right Door Handle Mechanism, as shown:

Step 17.2

Drive one (1) PS08 screw into the post of the Right Door Handle.

Fully tightened, this screw will not secure the handle to the mechanism. Instead, it keeps the handle in the right place yet free to rotate:

Step 17.3

Slide the Right Door Handle up through the matching slot of the Right Door Inside Main Panel from the rear, as shown:

Step 17.4

Secure the Right Door Handle Mechanism to the back of the Right Door Inside Main Panel with two (2) PS04 screws:

Now that we have finished handling this door panel, I used a tiny drop of super glue gel to stick the lock pin back on:


This was the same process as with the previous door, so nothing new to talk about. Keep this assembly nearby, we have more to add to it!

Next Up

 Kit 18 – Right Door Trim/Kick Guard, Window Winder Handle

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