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“In this phase you will assemble the window winder handle, the kick guard, and the door panel trim.”




NOTE: The image of the Right Door Trim (18B) in the parts diagram below is a misprint in the magazine. The little ‘mirror adjustment’ knob is not supposed to be there. The actual part included in this kit is correct and does not have the knob.


Door Trims and Window Winder

Step 18.1

Retrieve your Right Door Inside Main Panel assembly from the previous kit. Fit the keyed post of the Window Winder Handle into this matching hole of the Right Door Inner Panel, as shown:

Step 18.2

Secure the Window Winder Handle into place from the other side using one (1) PS04 screw:

Step 18.3

Fit the two posts of the Right Door Kick Guard into the matching holes along the bottom edge of the door panel, as shown:

Step 18.4

Secure the Right Door Kick Guard into place from behind with two (2) PS05 screws:

Step 18.5

Retrieve your Right Door assembly from Kit 16. Fit the Right Door Inside Main Panel assembly to the inside of the Right Door, aligning the two screw holes, as shown:

Step 18.6

Secure the Right Door Inside Main Panel to the Right Door with two (2) DS02 screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 18.7

Slide the Right Door Inside Trim behind the Right Door Handle and press the four tabs of the trim into the matching slots of the Right Door Inside Main Panel, as shown.

You will likely need to carefully lift the Right Door Handle away from the door panel to make room to slide the trim behind it:


With these steps complete, both of our Eleanor doors are now ready to be installed! However, since we will mount them to the body in a later part of the build, keep this assembly safely stored until then.

Next Up

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