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“In this phase you will begin assembling the right seat of your Eleanor Mustang. You will start with the seatback, including the leather-look cushion.”




Magazine – Issue 6

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
  • The Beautiful Eleanor: A Car with Character, Toby’s Adventures
  • The “Gone in 60 Seconds” Universe: Sway – Memphis’s True Love, 60 Seconds Files
  • The Cars with Women’s Names: Jessica, Rose
  • Classic Mustangs: The Mustang Fastback in the Movies


Right Seatback

Step 19.1

Press the three larger holes of the Right Seatback Inner firmly down over the matching tall posts of the Right Seatback Rear.

The long tab of the Right Seatback Inner should be facing away from the Right Seatback Rear, as shown:

Steps 19.2-19.3

Secure the Right Seatback Inner to the Right Seatback Rear with four (4) PS05 screws in these holes:

Step 19.4

Press the three pins on the back of the Right Seatback Cushion into the matching posts of the Right Seatback Rear, as shown:

The long tab of the Right Seatback Inner should barely poke through the slot in the Right Seatback Cushion:


These are the same steps we followed to build the left seat back in Kit 5. Keep this seatback safe until we need it again in Kit 23.

Next Up

 Kit 20 – Chassis Rear

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