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“In this phase you will complete the assembly of the rear axle and fix it to the chassis of your Eleanor Mustang model.”




Magazine – Issue 8

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
  • The Beautiful Eleanor: The Story Behind the Name, Toby’s Adventures
  • The “Gone in 60 Seconds” Universe: Movie Secrets (Part I), 60 Seconds Files
  • The Cars with Women’s Names: Ashley, Angelina
  • Classic Mustangs: The 1968 California Special


Rear Axle 2 and Springs

Step 27.1

Retrieve both parts from the previous kit. Slide the two posts of the Differential Housing Cover into the matching slots of Rear Axle Part 1.

Make sure you install this cover the right way up. The wide end of the T-shaped hole in the Differential Housing Cover (arrow below) should be facing away from the Rear Axle Part 1, as shown:

Once this is in place, we can screw these two PS08 screws all the way in to hold the parts together better:

Step 27.2

Fit the Rear Axle Part 2 over the Rear Axle Part 1, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Steps 27.3-27.4

Secure the two axle halves together using four (4) PS05 screws.

Start at one end and add screws towards the other end to reduce stress on the parts:

Step 27.5

Slide the two Springs over these long posts of Rear Axle Part 2:

Step 27.6

Retrieve your Chassis assembly. While holding the Springs in place, fit this Rear Axle assembly to the underside of the Chassis, aligning the two long posts to the matching holes of the Chassis, as shown:

Step 27.7

Secure the Rear Axle assembly to the Chassis from above with two (2) PS11 screws, as shown.

These flanged screws allow the spring posts to slide up into the car, allowing the suspension to compress a small amount:


I am a bit surprised that the Rear Axle is all plastic. This thing has to support the weight of a fairly heavy model, so I hope it holds!

Next Up

 Kit 28 – Left Leaf Spring, Left Spring Front/Middle/Rear Holders, Pin

2 thoughts on “KIT 27”

  1. yes, i was very surprised and let down as well about this (apart from some other things like brakes, valve covers, air filter…) specially coming from the delorean with so much quality, and i’m building the knightrider from deagostini at the same time as eleanor, and by far i can tell that this building kit is not up to the price.
    the knightrider: VERY robust suspension all made of metal front and rear as well as very detailed. WAY much more detailed engine and parts.
    delorean: WAAAY much more detailed parts. specially the engine ( not seen once finished)
    but come on… a rear axle made of plastic on a 1200€+ 7-8kg model??? some people have already broken it ( deagostini mustang, which is the basic kit eleanor is build upon)

    1. My DB5 build also had a plastic rear suspension and seems to be doing fine. The car only has to sit there, but still. I also agree that this is very likely just the Shelby Mustang base with a different interior/exterior. If you think about it, the Eleanor was just a ’67 fastback with a body kit, so this is no surprise. I just hope it holds up.

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