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“In this phase you will assemble the left rear brake disc and shock absorber.”





Left Brake Disc and Shock Absorber

Step 29.1

Fit tab of the Shock Absorber Cylinder between the tabs of the Shock Absorber Holder and secure these parts together with the Pin.

While the instructions don’t really show this well, there is an angle to the tabs on both of these parts. I took a guess here and aligned them to be parallel to each other, as shown:

Like the Pins in the previous kit, insert the smooth end of this Pin first:

Step 29.2

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous kit. Fit this Shock Absorber Holder to this location on the Chassis assembly, under the Rear Axle as shown.

When installing this, it should ‘lean’ towards the front of the car:

Here is another angle:

Step 29.3

Secure the Shock Absorber Holder to the Chassis from the other side with one (1) PS05 screw:

Step 29.4

Slide the narrow end of the Shock Absorber Piston into the Shock Absorber Cylinder, then fit the ‘flanged’ end into the large hole on the side of the Left Spring Middle Holder, as shown:

Step 29.5

Secure the Shock Absorber Piston to the Left Spring Middle Holder with one (1) PS08 screw:

Step 29.6

Fit the Left Brake Disc Interior to the Left Brake Disc Exterior.

I found it easier to first install the Left Brake Disc Interior to the left end of the Rear Axle assembly, aligning the two different-sized pins to the matching holes, as shown:

Then, slide the Left Brake Disc Exterior over the post of the Rear Axle, as shown:

Steps 29.7-29-8

As with the front Brake Calipers, we painted these rear Brake Calipers with Tamiya X-1 Gloss Black acrylic paint:

Slide the Left Brake Caliper over the two disc parts, as shown:

Like the front calipers, this Left Brake Caliper fastens into place with two prongs that clip into the Rear Axle housing, as shown:


One side of our rear suspension is now complete! Most of the next two issues will finish it up.

Next Up

 Kit 30 – Rear Left Central/Internal Rim Parts, Center Cap

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