KIT 40

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“In this phase you will assemble the two parts of the transmission shaft of your Eleanor Mustang model.”





Transmission Shaft

Step 40.1

Fit the Transmission Shaft Part 1 and Transmission Shaft Part 2 together as shown.

These will only fit together correctly in one way:

Steps 40.2-40-4

Secure the two parts together with three (3) PS12 screws:

Step 40.5

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous kit and carefully turn it upside down. Next, slide the T-shaped end of the Transmission Shaft assembly into the horizontal part of the T-shaped slot of the Differential Housing Cover.

The two posts along the Transmission Shaft should be facing the Chassis:

Slide the Transmission Shaft up into the vertical slot of the Differential Housing Cover until those two posts along the Transmission Shaft fit into these matching holes on the underside of the Chassis assembly:

Step 40.6

Secure the Transmission Shaft to the Chassis from above with two (2) PS05 screws, as shown:


Interestingly enough, on most of my other partwork vehicle builds, we had to actually assemble the universal joints (U-joints) on each end of their driveshafts. With this model, they are already molded in place. To be honest, it makes the build simpler!

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