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“In this phase you will install the anti-sway bars of your Eleanor Mustang model.”

We are also going to attach the Front Wheels and Steering assembly to the chassis in this kit.




Anti-Sway Bars

Step 46.1

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous kit and carefully turn it upside down. Fit the Anti-Sway Bars to this location on the Front Chassis section, as shown:

Step 46.2

Press one of the Pins into this front hole of the Left Anti-Sway Bracket, through the Anti-Sway Bars, and out through the Left Anti-Sway Bracket again.

The smooth end of this Pin should be inserted first. You will likely need to use pliers or some other tool to get them in. It is not easy to align the holes and press the Pin in at the same time, but it can be done. Make sure the Pin is fully installed and flush with the bracket:

Step 46.3

In the same way, press the other Pin into this front hole of the Right Anti-Sway Bracket, through the Anti-Sway Bars, and out through the Right Anti-Sway Bracket again:

Steps 46.4 – 46.5

Secure the front posts of the Anti-Sway Bars to the Front Chassis from above with two (2) PS08 screws, as shown:

Even when these screws are fully tightened, the Anti-Sway Bars should be able to move along the slot:

Step 46.6

Retrieve your Front Wheels and Steering assembly from the previous kit. With the Chassis upside down, fit this assembly across the Front Chassis with the Steering Rack behind the Anti-Sway Bars, as shown:

As you are placing this assembly, slide the the long pin of the Steering Gear into the open end of the Pitman Arm:

It is not easily seen in the instructions, but the toothed section of the Steering Rack needs to be slid into this ‘slot’ between the Steering Gear and the Front Chassis, as shown:

Step 46.7

Fit the lower post of the Left Suspension Knuckle into this hole of the Anti-Sway Bar, as shown.

These parts of the Anti-Sway Bars act as the lower control arms of the front suspension on our Eleanor Mustang:

Secure the Left Suspension Knuckle to the Anti-Sway Bar with one (1) DS04 screw.

Since these next two screws are pivot points for the steering system, do not over-tighten them:

Step 46.8

Repeat the previous step to secure the Right Suspension Knuckle to the other side of the Anti-Sway Bar using one (1) more DS04 screw:

That step completes this kit. Here is what the finished kit looks like with the Chassis upright. Note that the top parts of the front suspension are not connected yet, so be careful handling the Chassis until we secure them in the next kit:

Also, this kit marks an important milestone in our build – we now have a ‘rolling chassis’ where all of the wheels have been attached!


Once again, since the upper part of the front suspension is not fully attached yet, be careful when handling the Chassis. The only thing holding them on at this point is the plastic of the Anti-Sway Bars and we don’t want to break any parts!

Next Up

 Kit 47 – Top Control Arms, Control Arm Brackets/Shafts

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