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“In this phase you will fix the nitro control switch and the gear lever to the front floor of your Eleanor Mustang model.”





Front Floor Elements

Before we start, I just wanted to say that I am excited to see that these interior floor panels are already pre-carpeted! 

Step 50.1

Press the tab of the Nitro Control Switch into the matching slot at this location of the Front Floor, as shown.

This is a press-fit and does not require any screws or glue:

Step 50.2

Press the two pins of the Gear Lever Mounting Plate into the matching holes at this location of the Front Floor.

This is also a press-fit connection and can be fitted either way – it doesn’t matter:

Step 50.3

Fit the post of the Gear Lever into the hole of the Gear Lever Mounting Plate, as shown.

Look at that, the ‘Go-Baby-Go’ text is on the shift knob!

Step 50.4

Secure the Gear Lever into place from below with one (1) PS09 screw:


The iconic Go-Baby-Go shift knob with the big red button – how Eleanor is that!? These details are what make this model special. And, this is the first partwork vehicle I have ever built that came with the interior floor already pre-carpeted. What a perfect way to reach the halfway point in our assembly of the Eleanor Mustang!

TIP: I found that an old toothbrush does a great job of sweeping lint and hairs off the carpet keeping it nice and clean:

Next Up

 Kit 51 – Front Floor Kick Panels, Pedals, Switch Housing, Brake Light Switch, Engine Sound Switch

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