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“In this phase you will continue on the dashboard of your Eleanor Mustang model with the instruments, trim, and the Gone in 60 Seconds badge.”






Step 53.1

The instruments for this model consist of Gauge Stickers. Using tweezers may be helpful in applying them to the Dashboard:

Step 53.2

Retrieve your Dashboard assembly from the previous kit. Apply the larger speedometer and tachometer Gauge Stickers to these two large round surfaces of the Dashboard, as shown:

Step 53.3

Apply the three smaller Gauge Stickers to these three small round surfaces of the Dashboard.

From left to right, it should be the Oil Pressure, Fuel, and Temperature gauges:

Step 53.4

Fit the Gauge Glasses into these matching holes on the back of the Dashboard Frame.

The raised circular surfaces of the Gauge Glasses should face down into the opening. This part is held in place by pushing the small holes of the Gauge Glasses onto the four matching pins of the Dashboard Frame, as shown:

We thought it would be fun to add some color to this Dashboard Frame to make it more realistic. Therefore, we painted the turn signal indicators and ‘Brake’ lamp using Tamiya X-25 Clear Green and Tamiya X-27 Clear Red acrylic paints. The remaining unpainted lamp is the ‘Wiper’ lamp and was clear/white on the real car so we left it alone:

Step 53.5

Fit the posts of the Dashboard Trim into the front of the Dashboard Frame until flush, as shown:

Step 53.6

Fit this entire Dashboard Frame assembly to the front of the Dashboard, as shown:

Step 53.7

Secure the Dashboard Frame assembly to the Dashboard from behind with three (3) PS05 screws:

Step 53.8

Fit the two posts of the Gone in 60 Seconds Badge into the holes at this location on the Dashboard Trim.

Make sure this is installed the correct way up, as shown:

Step 53.9

Secure the badge into place from behind with two (2) PS13 screws:


Well, this is a very good looking dashboard! I am a bit disappointed that the gauge cluster will not light up, but that is a pretty minor thing in my book. We still have a few parts to attach to this Dashboard in the next kit, so keep this assembly nearby.

Next Up

 Kit 54 – Glove Box/Door, Radio, Extinguisher Parts/Stickers

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