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“In this phase you will finish the dashboard by fitting the glove box and radio. You will also assemble the fire extinguisher of your model.





Glove Box, Radio, and Fire Extinguisher

Step 54.1

Fit Extinguisher Part 4 (the black handle) onto the rounded end of Extinguisher Part 2 (the top).

Be sure to align the tab of the ‘top’ into the notch of the black handle, as shown:

Step 54.2

Secure Extinguisher Part 4 to Extinguisher Part 2 from the inside with one (1) PS09 screw:

Step 54.3

Press the two pins on the bottom of Extinguisher Part 2 into the matching holes of Extinguisher Part 1, as shown.

There is an alignment tab and matching notch to align these correctly. This is a press-fit connection and does not require any screws or glue:

Steps 54.4 – 54.5

Remove the Extinguisher Stickers from the backing paper and apply them to the Extinguisher assembly.

Like in the previous kit, using tweezers here can make things easier. The larger sticker goes on the lower part. Both stickers should be flush against the black band around the center and aligned to each other, as shown:

Step 54.6

Retrieve your Dashboard assembly from the previous kit. Fit Extinguisher Part 2 into this opening at the lower center of the Dashboard.

I have no idea why this little panel is called Extinguisher Part 2. To me, this part looks like the car’s Ashtray:

Step 54.7

Secure Extinguisher Part 2 to the Dashboard from behind with one (1) PS09 screw:

Step 54.8

Fit the two posts of the Radio into the holes at this location on the Dashboard.

Make sure this is installed the correct way up, as shown. The Dashboard is upside down in this photo:

Step 54.9

Secure the Radio into place from behind with two (2) PS05 screws:

Step 54.10

Fit the Glove Box to this location on the rear of the Dashboard, and secure it in place with three (3) PS05 screws:

Step 54.11

Fit the Glove Box Door into this opening on the front of the Dashboard.

Since there is already a lot of chrome on this dashboard, we added a drop of Liquid Chrome to the tiny push button of this Glove Box Door for fun:

There are small pins on either end of the Glove Box Door

… that need to be fitted into these holes of the Dashboard:

Gently squeeze the pins of the Glove Box Door into these Dashboard holes. We had to slightly bend the parts to make it fit:

These pins act as the hinges for the Glove Box Door so it can be opened and closed. It does ‘snap’ in the closed position to hold it there:

Step 54.12

Retrieve your Front Floor assembly from Kit 51. Fit the holes in the two long tabs of your Dashboard assembly over these posts at the forward edge of the Front Floor, as shown.

When this is fitted, the sides of the Dashboard assembly should rest down onto the two Kick Panels:

Step 54.13

Secure the Dashboard assembly to the Front Floor with two (2) PS08 screws:

That marks the end of this kit and completion of the front end of our interior:

Out of curiosity, we temporarily fitted this Front Floor/Dashboard assembly onto the proper location in the Chassis. I think it is going to look great!


This was a good kit! There was lots to build and we made some very nice progress. In the next dozen or so kits we will be finishing out the interior of our Eleanor Mustang!

Next Up

 Kit 55 – Rear Floor, Seat Belt Clips, Seat Belt Driver/Passenger

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