KIT 57

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“In this phase you will install the rear seat base of your Eleanor Mustang model.





Rear Seat Base

Step 57.1

Retrieve your Interior assembly from the previous kit and carefully turn it upside down. Fit this Rear Seat Base to the rear edge of the Rear Floor, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Steps 57.2 – 57.5

Secure the Rear Seat Base to the Rear Floor with four (4) PS05 screws:

When securing these parts together, also make sure the center tab of the Rear Seat Base (with hole in it) is pressed over this peg (arrow below):


This kit was quick, but it extended our Interior even farther back and sets up the platform our rear seat will attach to.

Next Up

 Kit 58 – Rear Luggage Platform

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