KIT 61

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“In this phase you will fix the trunk partition panel of your Eleanor Mustang model.





Trunk Partition Panel

Step 61.1

Retrieve your Interior assembly from the previous kit. Press and snap the two split pins of the Trunk Partition Panel into these matching holes of the Upper Left Rear Trim Panel.

Be careful with these split pins as they can be damaged easily – use gentle pressure as you fit them. The long ledge with three mounting holes of the Trunk Partition Panel goes under the edge of the Rear Luggage Platform, as shown.

Steps 61.2-61.4

Secure the Trunk Partition Panel to the Rear Luggage Platform from below with three (3) PS05 screws:


I don’t think I have ever seen split pins in any other partwork I have ever built. It is an interesting design decision.

Next Up

 Kit 62 – Rear Folding Panel/Hinge

2 thoughts on “KIT 61”

  1. In Stage 69 you have to install the rear seat back by forcing the side panels appart to engage the pins into the holes. Due to the satin finish on the side panels this left a mark all the way down one of the side panels for me – in hindsight I’d recommend either apply some masking tape to run the pin along, or consider installing the rear seat back before attaching the right side panel.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that myself. It makes more sense to remove one of the Rear Trim Panels before fitting the folding rear seat. I will mention this in the next kits.

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