KIT 62

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“In this phase you will prepare the rear folding panel that will be fixed to the rear seat back in the next stage of assembly.





Rear Folding Panel

Step 62.1

Fit the Hinge to this edge of the Rear Folding Panel.

The two outermost holes of the hinge fit over locating pins on the Folding Panel. Be sure the Hinge is hanging off the back of the Panel, as shown:

Steps 62.2-62.4

Secure the Hinge to the Rear Folding Panel with three (3) PS15 screws:


This Rear Folding Panel has a carpeted surface inside the chrome trim, very nice. I have to admit I am very excited to be working on our Eleanor Mustang once again. While this pack of parts went by quickly, progress is being made!

Next Up

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