KIT 63

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“In this phase you will prepare the rear seat back that you will fit to the rear folding panel of your Eleanor Mustang model.




Magazine – Issue 17

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
  • The Beautiful Eleanor: Two Legends Face to Face, Toby’s Adventures
  • The “Gone in 60 Seconds” Universe: Tumbler, the Arrogance of Youth, 60 Seconds Files
  • The Cars with Women’s Names: Grace, Virginia
  • Classic Mustangs: The 1987 Ford Mustang 5.0


Rear Seat Back

Step 63.1

Firmly press the four pins on the Rear Seat Back Panel into the matching posts of the Rear Seat Back, as shown:

Step 63.2

Retrieve your Rear Folding Panel assembly from the previous kit. Align the Rear Seat Back to the free edge of the Hinge, as shown:

Steps 63.3-63.4

Secure the Hinge to the Rear Seat Back with three (3) PS15 screws:


This folding rear seat is a very interesting mechanism – I had no idea they folded like this. I do appreciate the carpeting on this part though!

Next Up

 Kit 64 – Lower Right Rear Trim Panel, Rear Seat Back Latch, Courtesy Light

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