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“In this phase you will install the rear seat cushions of your Eleanor Mustang model.





Rear Seat Cushions

Step 68.1

Retrieve your four Rear Seat Belts from the previous kit. Fit the buckles of the Rear Center Seat Belt 1 and Rear Center Seat Belt 2 into these matching slots near the center of the Rear Seat Cushions.

The Center Seat Belts are the rear belts that have the small black ‘boxes’ on them. Also, they appear to be exactly the same, so either one can be used in either location. On my model, I fit these so the small raised circular detail on the ‘box’ is facing up, as shown:

Step 68.2

Press the holes of these Rear Center Seat Belt buckles onto the matching pins underneath the Rear Seat Cushions, as shown.

As before, I highly recommend using a drop of super glue to keep these buckles secured in place:

Step 68.3

Press the holes of the Rear Left Seat Belt and Rear Right Seat Belt buckles onto the matching pins at these locations on the underside of the Rear Seat Cushions, as shown:

Step 68.4

Wrap these Seat Belts up and around the sides of the Rear Seat Cushions, as shown.

There is a slight indent on both sides of the Cushions where these Seat Belts fit through:

Step 68.5

Retrieve your Interior assembly from the previous kit. Gently fit the four posts of this Rear Seat Cushions assembly down into the matching holes of the Rear Seat Base (57A), making sure all four Seat Belts are visible as shown:

Step 68.6-68.7

Secure the Rear Seat Cushions into place from below with four (4) PS05 screws:


I have to say, I am happy to have these Seat Belts behind us! They were not difficult to install, but a bit more time consuming than I expected.

Next Up

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