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“In this phase you will fit the steering column with the steering wheel and tachometer. Then you will join the seat floor and the chassis, and finally you will install the steering column of your Eleanor Mustang model.





Steering Column and Wheel

Step 70.1

Fit the Tachometer Housing, Tachometer Dial, Tachometer Lens, and Tachometer Frame together, aligning the holes in the Dial and Lens to the Housing and passing the post of the Frame through them and into the Housing, as shown:

Step 70.2

Secure all four of these parts together from behind with one (1) PS12 screw:

Step 70.3

Fit the tab of the Tachometer Housing into this matching slot of the Steering Column Cowl Part 1 (70B), aligning the screw hole as shown:

Secure this Housing into place from the other side with one (1) PS12 screw:

Step 70.4

Fit the switch of the Electrical Switch into this matching recess of the Steering Column Cowl Part 1, with the wires heading toward the shaft of the Cowl.

First, slide the plug of the Electrical Switch through the opening of the Cowl, as shown:

Next, gently bend the leads of the switch to a 90° angle, as shown:

Then, fit the switch into this matching square recess of the Cowl, with the wires to the right as shown:

Ensure the wires of this switch are gently pushed down into the recesses of the Cowl, as shown:

Step 70.5

Seat the D-shaped hole of the Steering Pinion onto the end of the Steering Column farthest from the ‘collar’, as shown:

This simply cannot be installed by hand. I did try, and even filed off some of the paint from the Column. But, I could only get it on halfway:

Eventually, I had to clamp the Column upright in my desk vise and tap the Pinion on with my crafting hammer:

Step 70.6

Fit this Steering Column into the Steering Column Cowl Part 1 with the ‘collar’ towards the cowl, as shown:

The ‘collar’ part of the Column should rest at this location between the posts inside the Cowl:

Step 70.7

Run the wires of the Electrical Switch along the side of the Steering Column, then fit the Steering Column Cowl Part 2 to this assembly as shown:

Secure Cowl Part 1 to Cowl Part 2 with three (3) PS14 screws.

Make sure the wires of the Electrical Switch are not pinched/exposed and the Steering Column can be rotated inside the Cowl assembly:

Step 70.8

Press the two tabs of the Steering Wheel Horn into the matching slots at the center of the Steering Wheel.

As this can be installed upside down, note the upright text on the Horn and the position of the Steering Wheel spokes, as shown:

Step 70.9

Press the D-shaped hole of the Steering Wheel onto the matching exposed end of the Steering Column.

The center spoke of the Steering Wheel should be directly opposite the position of the Tachometer when this Wheel is fitted. If necessary, rotate the Steering Column into the correct position first:

Step 70.10

NOTE: I changed the order of these remaining steps from the magazine to make the process easier to follow.

Retrieve your Interior assembly from the previous kit. Behind the Dashboard, locate this hole below the instrument panel:

Press the two pins of the Steering Column Bracket into the tiny slots on either side of the this opening, as shown.

You might find it easier to super glue this Bracket into place:

Step 70.11

Take note of this post on the Steering Column Cowl:

Slide the Pinion of the Steering Column through the matching hole of the Dashboard until the post on the Cowl shown above can be pressed up into the opening with the Steering Column Bracket:

Secure the Steering Column Cowl shaft to the Dashboard with one (1) PS14 screw:

Step 70.12

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from Kit 49. Note these four mounting posts:

Fit the four mounting posts on the bottom of the Interior down into these posts of the Chassis.

Before we can install the Interior, check these two things for the correct alignment. First, ensure both Front Wheels are straight:

Second, make sure the Steering Wheel is centered, with the middle spoke pointing straight down:

Then, we can carefully lower the Interior down onto the Chassis:

As we fit this Interior, make sure the Pinion of the Steering Column passes down through the Frame until it contacts the teeth of the Steering Rack (44A).

You may need to push the Pinion down with your finger so it can slide under this ledge of the Frame:

When aligned correctly, the Pinion will engage the teeth of the Steering Rack, as shown:

Step 70.13

Hold the Pinion Cover with the tab facing towards the front of the car and slightly angled down, then push the Cover down into the Frame above the Pinion to hold the Steering Column in place:

When fully inserted, this Pinion Cover will stick up slightly from the top edge of the Frame:

Step 70.14

While holding the Interior in place, gently set the Chassis on its side (or upside down) and then secure the Interior to the Chassis from below with four (4) PS05 screws:

You may need to gently flex the floor of the Interior assembly to align all four mounting points correctly. There are two screws at the front and back:

If so desired, you can now test the steering operation by slightly lifting the front of the Chassis up (so the front wheels are not touching your work surface) and turn the Steering Wheel. It does not turn very much, but should be able to steer the wheels left and right.


With this kit done, I believe we have completed our Eleanor Mustang interior. When the next shipment of kits arrives, we will work on the trunk and radiator – I am looking forward to it!

Next Up

 Kit 71 – Trunk Floor Panel, Battery Top/Bottom/Terminals/Cable/Box/Cover

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  1. I had a really hard time with the Pinion of the Steering Column and getting it to engage with the teeth of the Steering Rack. Did anyone else have this issue?

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