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“In this phase you will fit all the battery parts together and install the battery on the trunk floor of your Eleanor Mustang model.




Magazine – Issue 19

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
  • The Beautiful Eleanor: Eleanor’s Room, Toby’s Adventures
  • The “Gone in 60 Seconds” Universe: Freb, Loyal and Naive, 60 Seconds Files
  • The Cars with Women’s Names: Donna, Erin
  • Classic Mustangs: 1994 Ford Mustang


Battery and Trunk Floor

Step 71.1

Fit the keyed posts of the black Battery Terminal (-) and the red Battery Terminal (+) into the matching holes of the Battery Top.

Make sure these are placed in the correct holes, as seen here:

Step 71.2

Secure these Battery Terminals into place from below with two (2) PS12 screws, one for each:

Step 71.3

Fit the Battery Body to the posts on the underside of the Battery Top, as shown.

The Top posts are offset so this Body will only fit correctly one way:

Secure the Body to the Top from below with two (2) PS05 screws:

Step 71.4

Fit the post on the bottom of the Battery Body into the matching hole at this location on the Trunk Floor ensuring the two locating pins fit into the nearby alignment holes, as shown:

Step 71.5

Secure the Battery assembly to the Trunk Floor from below with one (1) PS05 screw:

Step 71.6

Cut the Battery Cable into two equal lengths.

I folded this Cable in half and cut it at the fold with my hobby knife:

Step 71.7

Fit the two cut lengths of Battery Cable between the pins of the Battery Terminals and the nearby pins of the Trunk Floor, as shown.

You may find it helpful to warm the ends of the Cable in either hot water or by rolling them between your fingertips:

Step 71.8

Fit the two posts of the Battery Box into the matching holes at either end of the Battery assembly, as shown.

Due to the offset of these two posts, this Box will only fit when installed correctly:

Step 71.9

Secure the Battery Box into place from below with two (2) PS05 screws:

Step 71.10

Press the two pins of the Battery Box Cover into the matching holes of the Battery Box, as shown.

There is a small square detail on the Cover (circled below) that should be facing towards the rear of the Trunk Floor:

As I like the way our Battery looks, I think I am going to leave my Cover off – this is entirely optional based on each builder.


I feel there was a missed opportunity where they could have printed additional details on the top of our Battery, but since it is supposed to be covered up anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter much. We are going to add more parts to this Trunk Floor assembly over the next two kits, so keep it nearby.

Next Up

 Kit 72 – Rear Bulkhead, Fuel Tube

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