KIT 72

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“In this phase you will assemble the fuel tube and install it on the trunk floor of your Eleanor Mustang model.





Fuel Tube and Rear Bulkhead

Step 72.1

Fit the Fuel Tube Part 1 and Fuel Tube Part 2 to each other, as shown:

Steps 72.2-72-4

Secure these Fuel Tube Parts together with three (3) PS12 screws:

Step 72.5

Retrieve your Trunk Floor assembly from the previous kit. Fit the keyed post on the end of the Fuel Tube into this matching hole, as shown:

Step 72.6

Secure the Fuel Tube into place from the other side with one (1) PS05 screw:


There is not much to say about this kit – it went together well and was quick! Keep this Trunk Floor assembly (and the unused Rear Bulkhead) nearby as we will need them in the next kit.

Next Up

 Kit 73 – Trunk Side Panels, Nitrous Tank/Outlet Valve/Hose

4 thoughts on “KIT 72”

  1. Hi, I hope you are able to help as I am trying to find some replacement parts for my model car – 1967 Eleanor mustang. I am wondering if you are selling part 72.1 from issue 19? Many thanks

    1. Hi, I am writing to you about build of model car – 1967 Eleanor mustang. Please will you send me magazine 19 & part – Fuel Tube Part 1 & 2. Please let me know by email me. Thank you

      Kind regards

        1. That’s okay, thank you MarvelPhx very much for letting me know. Do you know any those parts from other different company? I believed Eaglemoss had been bankrupted then took over company Fanhome but they hadn’t any parts really gutted. Please let me know anytime.

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