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“In this phase you will assemble the nitrous oxide tank and fix it to the trunk floor. Then you will install the rear bulkhead and the side panels into the trunk of your Eleanor Mustang model.





Nitrous Tank and Trunk Panels

NOTE: I believe the Nitrous Tank Hose and Nitrous Tank Outlet Valve parts have their names accidentally reversed in the parts list. To be consistent with the provided list, I will use the stated names in these steps.

Step 73.1

Fit the keyed post of the Nitrous Tank Hose into the top of the Nitrous Tank 1, as shown:

Step 73.2

Secure the Tank Hose into place from inside the Tank 1 with one (1) PS14 screw:

Step 73.3

Press the two posts of Nitrous Tank 2 onto the matching pins at the open end of Nitrous Tank 1.

Make sure both sets of the black mounting legs are on the same side of the Tank assembly, as shown:

Step 73.4

Press the D-shaped pin of the Nitrous Tank Outlet Valve into this matching hole of the Nitrous Tank Hose:

Step 73.5

Retrieve your Trunk Floor assembly from the previous kit. Fit the leg posts of the Nitrous Tank into the matching holes of the Trunk Floor, as shown. Then, slide the free end of the hose on the Nitrous Tank Outlet Valve down through the nearby hole in the Floor:

Step 73.6

Secure the Nitrous Tank into place from below with four (4) PS12 screws:

Step 73.7

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from Kit 70. Fit the four posts on the bottom of the Trunk Floor into the matching holes at this rear location of the Chassis, as shown.

These are the holes that will receive the posts of the Trunk Floor:

Step 73.8

While holding the Trunk Floor in place, carefully turn your Chassis upside down (or on its side) and secure the Trunk Floor into place with four (4) PS05 screws:

Step 73.9

Retrieve your Rear Bulkhead from Kit 72. Press the two snap pins of the Trunk Left Side Panel (marked ‘L’) into these matching holes of the Rear Bulkhead.

The smooth sides of these Panels should face inwards towards the Rear Bulkhead, as shown:

In the same way, press the two snap pins of the Trunk Right Side Panel (marked ‘R’) into these matching holes of the Bulkhead:

Step 73.10

Fit this Rear Bulkhead assembly to the rear of the Chassis, sliding the outer mounting loops of the Trunk Side Panels down over these large posts on each side.

This takes a bit of wiggling to get the Bulkhead assembly down behind the rear luggage area wall:

Make sure both Side Panels are seated onto these posts on each side:


I believe this kit completes the construction of our Eleanor interior! I especially like this Nitrous Tank – it looks sharp! This Chassis assembly can be safely stored as we will not need it again until Kit 79.

Next Up

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