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“In this phase you will install the protective mesh onto the radiator honeycomb. Then, you will add the fan motor.





Radiator Parts and Fan Motor

Step 74.1

Fit the Radiator Grille Mesh to the ribbed face of the Radiator Honeycomb, aligning the four corner holes as shown.

NOTE: I do end up painting this Radiator Honeycomb ‘core’ silver in next kit.

These parts fit a specific way. There is a notch in the Mesh that matches a small hole in the Honeycomb (circled below):

Step 74.2

Fit the keyed post of the Fan Motor into the matching hole at the center of the Radiator Honeycomb, as shown.

In real life, this part is actually a mechanical fan clutch. This is the notch in the Fan Motor that fits onto a key in the center hole of the Radiator:

Step 74.3

Secure the Fan Motor into place from the other side with one (1) PS05 screw:


We will do additional work on this Radiator assembly in the upcoming kits, followed by some engine components. Keep the Radiator safely stored until then.

Next Up

 Kit 75 – Fan Housing/Blades

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