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“In this phase you will install the remaining radiator parts of your Eleanor Mustang.





Radiator Front Honeycomb and Top

In the previous kit, I airbrushed the Radiator Front Mesh with Vallejo Model Air 71.062 Aluminium Metallic acrylic paint. I just wanted to add some interesting contrast to this assembly:

Step 76.1

Fit the four corner holes of the Radiator Front Mesh onto the ribbed side of the Front Honeycomb, as shown.

There are two small alignment pins at opposite corners of the Honeycomb to help place this Front Mesh correctly:

Step 76.2

Secure the Radiator Front Mesh to the Front Honeycomb with two (2) PS12 screws.

If needed, feel free to add a tiny drop of super glue to the other corners of this Mesh. Once secured, set this Honeycomb assembly aside until Step 76.6:

Step 76.3

Fit the keyed post of the Radiator Cap into the matching top hole of the Radiator Top, as shown:

Step 76.4

Secure the Radiator Cap into place from below with one (1) PS12 screw:

Step 76.5

Retrieve your Radiator/Fan Motor assembly from the previous kit. Fit the holes in the rounded tabs of the Radiator Top assembly over these internal pins of the Radiator assembly.

While these pins and holes are different sizes so the Radiator Top should only fit one way, make sure this D-shaped hole of the Top (circled below) is facing the side of the Radiator assembly with the Fan Housing/Motor, as shown:

These are more locating pins than securing pins, so do not push the Radiator Top too far down onto the pins. This will make the Top sit crooked:

Step 76.6

Firmly press the four posts of the Front Honeycomb assembly into the matching posts of the main Radiator assembly, as shown:

That step finishes this kit. I do want to share a rear look at my final Radiator assembly with the silver-painted ‘core’:


The Radiator of our Eleanor Mustang is now complete. I am more than happy with the look of it after painting the core silver – I think it just adds something to the overall eye appeal. This assembly will be needed again in Kit 78, so keep it nearby.

Next Up

 Kit 77 – Timing Cover/Bracket, Power Steering Pump/Bracket, Small Stopper

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