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“In this phase you will fit the alternator, the pulleys and belts, and the fan blades to the engine timing cover. You will also fit the radiator hoses of your Eleanor Mustang.





Alternator and Pulley System

Step 78.1

Press the three pins of Radiator Hose 1 into the matching holes of Radiator Hose 2, as shown:

Step 78.2

Retrieve your Radiator assembly from Kit 76. Press the D-shaped pin on the end of the Radiator Hose assembly into this matching hole of the Radiator Top.

Step 78.3

Just to add some pizazz, I broke out the Metallic Sharpies again to highlight some parts of the Alternator parts. Here, I used silver on the cooling fins of the Alternator and gold on the long side bolts/heads of the Alternator Cover:

Firmly press the D-shaped pin of the Alternator into the matching post of the Alternator Cover, as shown:

Step 78.4

Retrieve your Timing Cover assembly from the previous kit. Fit the pin and post of this Alternator assembly into the matching holes of the Timing Cover, as shown:

Step 78.5

Secure the Alternator into place from behind with one (1) PS05 screw:

Step 78.6

Once again, I used my Metallic Gold Sharpie to ‘paint’ the hex bolts of the Timing Cover and Brackets just to add some contrasting color:

Then, I used my Silver Metallic Sharpie to ‘paint’ the bolt on the front of the Power Steering Pump pulley:

Fit the Engine Pulleys and Belts to the front of the Alternator and Timing Cover, as shown.

  • The smallest pulley on the left should slide all the way onto the post on the front of the Alternator
  • The two center pulleys fit onto the large posts on front of the Timing Cover

You may find that you need to tap these Pulleys into place with a heavier object, like the soft plastic/nylon head of a craft hammer:

  • The right pulley just rests against the front of the Power Steering Pump Bracket (I used a drop of super glue here to hold it in place). Looking down from above, make sure all of the ‘belts’ are nice and straight, as shown:

As I was handling this Timing Cover assembly, I realized that the Small Stopper we installed in the previous kit is more likely a small water hose with ‘hose clamp’ details. To highlight these clamps, I temporarily popped the Stopper out and ran my Metallic Silver Sharpie around the raised detail. While this mod ended up making a pretty small difference, it is noticeable:

Step 78.7

Retrieve your Fan Blades from Kit 75. Fit the post of the Fan Blades into upper pulley of the Engine Pulleys and Belts, as shown.

This part can easily be fitted backwards. The correct way is so the raised center bolt details of the Fan Blades (that I colored gold earlier) should face in towards the Timing Cover. The Eleanor engine turns clockwise when looking at it from the front, so the orientation of the blades does matter a bit:

Step 78.8

Secure the Fan Blades into place from inside the Timing Cover with one (1) PS05 screw.

This step will also secure the upper pulley of the Engine Pulleys in Belts:


The front section of our Eleanor Mustang V8 engine is now ready to be installed in a future kit. Until then, keep these two assemblies safely stored away. When the next shipment arrives, we should be able to finish and mount the entire engine into the chassis!

Next Up

 Kit 79 – Right Engine Block/Exhaust Manifold, Gas Filter, Main Power Switch/Holder

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