KIT 80

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“In this phase you will fix the radiator bracket to the radiator and assemble all the parts of the engine block of your Eleanor Mustang.





Left Engine Block

Step 80.1

Retrieve your Radiator assembly from Kit 78. Press (snap) the two holes of the Radiator Bracket onto the matching split pins of the Radiator.

Make sure the ‘L’ shaped leg of the Radiator Bracket is on the Fan Motor/Hose side of the Radiator, as shown:

Step 80.2

Retrieve your Timing Cover assembly from Kit 78. Slide the two tabs of the Timing Cover Bracket into these matching slots of the Left Engine Block, orienting it as shown:

Step 80.3

Slide the tab of the Gearbox Top Housing into the matching slot at the rear of the Left Engine Block, orienting it as shown:

Step 80.4

Retrieve your Right Engine Block assembly from the previous kit.  Fit the four posts of the Right Engine Block to the matching four posts of the Left Engine Block assembly, capturing the Timing Cover and Gearbox Top Housing in between, as shown:

Step 80.5

Secure the Engine Block halves together with four (4) DS02 screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 80.6

Retrieve your Intake Manifold assembly from Kit 03. Fit the posts of the Intake Manifold down into the matching holes on top of the Engine Block assembly, orienting it as shown.

As our Intake Manifold is a delicate assembly, I waited to complete this until the Exhaust Manifolds were installed in the next steps.

Step 80.7

Retrieve your Right Exhaust Manifold from the previous kit. Press the two pins of the Manifold into the matching larger holes at this location on the Right Engine Block, orienting the Manifold as shown.

The two Exhaust Manifolds are not identical and are not marked. These are how they can be identified:

Knowing this, we can snap the Right Exhaust Manifold into the engine as shown:

Step 80.8

In the same way, press the two pins of the Left Exhaust Manifold into the larger holes of the Left Engine Block, orienting it as shown:

With the Exhaust Manifolds installed, I went ahead and slide the two posts of my Intake Manifold down into the engine (Step 80.6), as shown:


I am very glad that we decided to paint our valve covers and carburetors way back in the beginning of this build! There are a few more details to add to our engine in the next two kits, then we will be installing the engine into the chassis.

Next Up

 Kit 81 – Engine Breather Tube, Crankcase Cover, Oil Filter, Pressure Sensor, Oil Filler Tube/Cap

2 thoughts on “KIT 80”

  1. Hey there! I’ve been following this model and the others you’ve done (and doing) so far.
    Have you by chance seen the mod for this engine done by RW Hobbies?
    He swapped the whole intake from Eleanor kit 03 to the intake kit (also kit 03) from DeAgostini’s cobra gt500.
    I seen that awhile back and decided to go that direction as well. I just want to let you know about it in case you felt the original intake was a little lacking

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