KIT 81

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“In this phase you will fit the crankcase cover, the oil filter, the oil filter cap and the engine breather tube onto the engine block of your Eleanor Mustang.





Crankcase Cover and Oil Filter

Step 81.1

Retrieve your Engine assembly from the previous kit. Slide the tabs of the Oil Filter onto this bottom notch of the Left Engine Block, as shown:

Step 81.2

Fit the Crankcase Cover into the bottom of the Engine Block, aligning it over the posts as shown.

This Cover will sit flush to the Engine Block when installed correctly:

Step 81.3

Secure the Crankcase Cover into place with two (2) DS07 screws, as shown.

These are the screws are that secure the Intake Manifold assembly to the engine. This also is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 81.4

Firmly press the long round end of the Oil Filler Tube into the Oil Filler Cap, as shown:

Step 81.5

Press the bent D-shaped end of the Oil Filler Tube assembly into this matching hole of the Intake Manifold:

Step 81.6

Press the D-shaped end of the Pressure Sensor into this matching nearby hole of the Intake Manifold:

Step 81.7

Fit the hole on the front end of the Breather Tube onto this top pin of the Timing Cover.

Just for some contrast, I used my Molotow Chrome Pen to paint the ‘clamp’ on the end of this Tube:

You may want to use a tiny drop of super glue to hold both ends of this Tube in place:

Fit the pin on the rear end of the Engine Breather Tube into this matching top hole of the Gearbox Top Housing:


Just the Oil Pan and Spark Plug Wires to add in the next kit and we can get this engine installed into our Eleanor!

Next Up

 Kit 82 – Oil Pan Cover, Ignition Distributor with Wires, Ignition Coil with Wires

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