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“In this phase, you will connect the radiator housing and shock absorber to the right side engine bulkhead and then install it into the engine bay.




Magazine – Issue 22

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
  • The Beautiful Eleanor: Tiny Treasures, Toby’s Adventures
  • The “Gone in 60 Seconds” Universe: Designing the Production, 60 Seconds Files
  • The Cars with Women’s Names: Marsha, Carol
  • Classic Mustangs: 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra


Right Side Engine Bulkhead

Step 83.1

Retrieve your Radiator assembly from Kit 80. Fit the large posts of the Radiator Bracket over the matching posts at this underside location of the Right Side Engine Bulkhead, as shown:

Make sure the two small wires from the battery compartment are safely routed through these two notches of the Radiator Bracket:

Step 83.2

Secure this Bracket to the Bulkhead with two (2) PS05 screws:

Step 83.3

Fit the keyed end of the Shock Absorber Cylinder into this matching post on the underside of the Right Side Engine Bulkhead.

I am not sure if it will end up making a difference, but the keyed end of the Shock Absorber Cylinders are angled and not symmetrical:

At least on my model, the Cylinder seemed to fit better if the thicker ‘key’ faces away from the Bulkhead:

Step 83.4

Secure this Cylinder into place from the top side with one (1) PS05 screw:

Step 83.5

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous kit. Fit the eyelet of the Shock Absorber Piston down through the upper gap of the right-side Top Control Arm 2, aligning the holes of both parts (arrow below). Begin to slide the smooth end of the Shock Absorber Pin through this hole in the front of the Control Arm, as circled below:

Push the Shock Absorber Pin through the holes of both parts until the Pin is seated flush on both ends, as shown.

I needed to use my duck bill pliers to fully squeeze this Pin into place:

Step 83.6

With the Shock Absorber Piston pointing up, slide the Shock Absorber Spring down over it as shown:

Start to fit the Right Side Engine Bulkhead/Radiator assembly down into the Chassis behind the Front Right Wheel, as shown:

While this Bulkhead is being fitted, there are THREE things to be aware of. First, the Shock Absorber Cylinder needs to slide down inside the Shock Absorber Spring and onto the Shock Absorber Piston:

Second, slide the hole of the Fan Motor (inside the Radiator assembly) over the matching post of the Fan Blades, as shown:

Third, be sure to slide the hole on the end of the upper Radiator Hose onto this matching pin of the Timing Cover:

Step 83.7

Secure this Bulkhead to the Chassis with two (2) DS02 screws.

Take care when tightening these screws. I highly recommend lifting the model up off your work surface as to not put any pressure on the car’s ‘mostly plastic’ suspension. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


This entire issue is all about wrapping walls around our engine and completing the front suspension. So far, it is going together well!

Next Up

 Kit 84 – Firewall, Brake Booster/Master Cylinder/Fluid Reservoir/Fluid Line/Cap

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