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“In this phase, you will install the strut brace and the battery box into your Eleanor Mustang engine bay.





Strut Brace and Battery Box

Step 86.1

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous kit. Firmly press the post of the Strut Brace Fixing Plate Right (marked ‘R’) into the matching hole at this location of the Right Side Engine Bulkhead.

The small tab of these Fixing Plates should overhang the shock tower facing towards the engine, as shown:

Step 86.2

In the same way, firmly press the post of the Strut Brace Fixing Plate Left (marked ‘L’) into the matching hole at this location of the Left Side Engine Bulkhead, as shown:

Step 86.3

Press the two posts of the Battery Box down over the matching pins on either end of the battery compartment of the Right Side Engine Bulkhead, as shown.

You may not want to fully seat this Battery Box so we can easily install the model’s batteries later on:

Steps 86.4-86.5

Align a Strut Brace Support to the Strut Brace Bar as shown, and then secure these parts together with one (1) PS03 screw.

To make this step easier to understand, I recommend placing the Strut Brace Bar on your work surface with the end details facing up and the middle mounting tabs (arrows below) facing towards you. Then, place the two Supports as shown, noting their ends are not the same. One end of each Support is smaller than the other and has a hole all the way through it and the larger end of each Support has a screw detail (circled below):

Slide the smaller end of a Support under the left-side middle mounting tab of the Bar with the larger end screw detail facing up. Then, secure the Bar to this first Support with the PS03 screw:

Secure the second Strut Brace Support to the Strut Brace Bar with one (1) more PS03 screw.

In the same way, slide the smaller end of the second Support under the other mounting tab (again with the larger end screw detail facing up), as shown:

Step 86.6

Slide this Strut Brace Bar down between the side Engine Bulkheads, as shown.

This Brace Bar is designed to be removable to better access the Battery Box, so it is only a friction fit between the Bulkheads:

While fitting this Bar, press the larger ends of the Supports onto these pins of the Fixing Plates, as shown:


We will install two more strut brace rods to the rear pins of these Strut Brace Fixing Plates in a much later issue. However, except for the front panel and a few more details, we have now completed our entire engine compartment!

Next Up

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