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“In this phase, you will install the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and connect the electrical wires of your Eleanor Mustang.

You may find it helpful to reference my WIRING page as you complete this stage – it explains what each of these wires are for.



Magazine – Issue 23

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Guide
  • The Beautiful Eleanor: Eleanor Returns to the Screen, Toby’s Adventures
  • The “Gone in 60 Seconds” Universe: The Right Wardrobe, 60 Seconds Files
  • The Cars with Women’s Names: Kimberley, Iris
  • Classic Mustangs: 2005 Ford Mustang GT


PCB and Wires

Step 87.1

Begin connecting the plugs of the following Wires to the appropriate sockets of the PCB, as shown:

  • 87C – Wire 1 (marked ’01’) to socket 1
  • 87D – Wire 2 (marked ’02’) to socket 2
  • 87J – Wire 9 (marked ’09’) to socket 9
  • 87K – Wire 10 (marked ’10’) to socket 10

Some sockets of the PCB are also marked with secondary designations such as W1, W2, SPK, BTSW. Ignore those and only use the single number:

Also, pay attention to the orientation of the plugs and sockets – they have a specific polarity so do not force any of these connections:

Step 87.2

Continue connecting the plugs of the following Wires to the appropriate sockets of the PCB, as shown:

  • 87F – Wire 4 (marked ’04’) to socket 4
  • 87H – Wire 6 (marked ’06’) to socket 6
  • 87I – Wire 7 (marked ’07’) to socket 7

Step 87.3

Finish connecting the plugs of the following Wires to the appropriate sockets of the PCB, as shown:

  • 87E – Wire 4 (marked ’03’) to socket 3
  • 87G – Wire 6 (marked ’05’) to socket 5

When this is completed, only socket 8 on the PCB should still be empty:

Step 87.4

NOTE: I swapped this step and the next step to make things a bit easier to follow.

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous kit and carefully place it upside down a soft surface (such as a towel). Align the two holes of the PCB to the matching posts at this location underneath the Left Side Engine Bulkhead as shown…

… and then secure the PCB into place with two (2) PS17 screws.

Make sure none of the wires become trapped under the PCB, and do not over-tighten these screws as it could damage the PCB:

Step 87.5

Connect the plug of the Speaker (marked ’08’) into the matching socket 8 of the PCB, as shown:

Step 87.6

Carefully turn your Chassis assembly right side up again. Route the sockets of Wire 3 and Wire 7 through this clip (arrow below) of the Left Side Engine Bulkhead, as shown:

Connect these sockets to the plugs of the Engine Sound Switch (marked ’03’) and the Battery Compartment (marked ’07’).

This is not explained in the magazine instructions, but we first need to route the Battery Compartment wires along the underside of the Right Side Engine Bulkhead and pass the socket through this clip of the Firewall:

Then, we can connect the Wire 3 and Wire 7 plugs together behind the Firewall as instructed:

Step 87.7

In the same way, route the sockets of Wire 4 and Wire 5 through the same clip of the Left Side Engine Bulkhead and connect them to the matching plugs of the Brake Light Switch (marked ’04’) and the Horn Switch (marked ’05’), as shown.

I connected these plugs together before fitting the wires into the clip so this picture would be easier to see:

Step 87.8

Continuing on, route the socket of Wire 6 through the clip and connect it to the matching plug of the Power Switch (marked ’06’), as shown:

Step 87.9

Finally, route the remaining sockets of Wire 1, Wire 2, Wire 9, and Wire 10 through the clip and leave them behind the Dashboard, as shown:

One more thing not easily seen in the instructions is that we should make sure to slide all of the wires from the PCB behind this clip of the Left Side Engine Bulkhead – it will help keep the wiring away from the Wheel:

Step 87.10

Press the angled pins of the Windshield Washer Reservoir into the matching holes at this location on the Left Side Engine Bulkhead, orienting it as shown.

This soft PVC Reservoir has very nice printed details on it:


When they said we would be wiring things in this kit, I had no idea they basically meant all of the wiring for the whole car!

Next Up

 Kit 88 – Front Left Fender

2 thoughts on “KIT 87”

  1. Hello, your tutorials are of great help, especially for planning in advance some mods. I I am currently at issue 78 and I plan to build a custom PCB to replace the original one but in order to have an exact fit I need the dimensions of the board. Could you please provide some measurements in term of lenght, width, distance between mounting holes and their exact diameter and place related to margins.?

    1. I do not want to take my build apart, but I know another builder who has not reached this point. Let me see if I can get the measurements for you.

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