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“In this phase, you will fit the trunk hinged to the trunk lid. Then you will install the “E” (for Eleanor) plate onto the tail panel. Finally, you will fit the trunk lid and the tail panel to the body shell of your model.





Tail Panel and Trunk Hinges

NOTE: I slightly changed the order of these steps from the magazine to make the process easier.

Step 97.1

Retrieve your Body assembly from Kit 95 and set it upside down on a soft surface. Fit the pins of the Trunk Lid Latch to the matching holes on the inside of the rear panel, as shown:

Secure this Latch into place from the outer side with one (1) PS17 screw:

Step 97.2

Retrieve your Trunk Lid assembly from the previous kit. Fit the Left Trunk Hinge to this matching left-side recess of the Trunk Lid and align the screw holes:

Step 97.3

In the same way, fit the Right Trunk Hinge to this matching right-side recess of the Trunk Lid and align the screw holes:

Secure both Trunk Hinges into place with four (4) DS02 screws – two on each side, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 97.4

Fit the Trunk Lid assembly up into the trunk opening of the Body from below, hinges first as shown:

The thick pins of the Trunk Hinges should be fitted into these matching Body recesses on either side, as shown:

Step 97.5

Cover the Left Trunk Hinge with a Trunk Hinge Flange, aligning the screw and pin holes as shown:

Secure this Flange into place with one (1) DS02 screw.

The tighter theses screw are, the harder it will be to open/close the Trunk Lid. Adjust them to your preference:

Repeat this process with the other Flange to hold the Right Trunk Hinge in place:

You should now be able to open and close your Trunk Lid. This is what it looks like once mounted. You may want to use some low-tack tape to keep the Trunk Lid closed as we continue working on the model:

Step 97.6

Fit the pin and post of the “E” (for Eleanor) Plate into the matching holes at this location on the Tail Panel:

Step 97.7

Secure this Plate into place from the other side with one (1) PS12 screw:

Step 97.8

Fit the Tail Panel assembly to the rear end of the Body, orienting it as shown.

For clarity, I turned my Body right side up in this picture. You can leave yours upside down and still fit the Tail Panel:

Steps 97.9-97.10

Secure the Tail Panel to the Body from the inside with six (6) DS02 screws:


I am surprised at how fast our Body assembly is coming together. However, it is odd to me that the rear badge is an Eleanor emblem. In the movie, this would have just been a standard Shelby G.T. 500 badge. Just another piece of evidence that this model was likely based on one of the Eleanor replicas sold by Fusion Motors. Still, I feel she looks absolutely amazing!

Next Up

 Kit 98 – Left LEDs Cover, Left Tail Light LEDs/Lens

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