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“In this phase, you will install the left tail light on your Eleanor Mustang.





Left Tail Light

Step 98.1

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous kit. Fit the posts of the Left Tail Light Lens into the matching holes at this left-side location on the Tail Panel:

Step 98.2

Carefully turn your Body assembly upside down and place it on a soft surface. Then, fit the Left Tail Light LEDs circuit board over the exposed posts of the Left Tail Light Lens while passing the four LED bulbs through the matching holes of the Tail Panel.

Be sure the wires of the Left Tail Light LEDs are facing towards the side of the Body, as shown:

Steps 98.3-98.4

Cover the Left Tail Light LEDs with the Left LEDs Cover, orienting it as shown. Then, secure the Cover to the Lens with two (2) PS05 screws.

This will capture the circuit board in place:


A quick and simple kit completes Issue 25. When the next issue of kits arrives, we will add the other Tail Light, Windshield, Windshield Wipers, Hood Ventilation Panel, and two more Strut Rods!

Next Up

 Kit 99 – Right LEDs Cover, Right Tail Light LEDs/Lens, Wiring Tabs (Coming Soon)

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