Free Gift #5

If you signed up for the subscription-based version of the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang model build, you were supposed to receive five FREE gifts along the way. The first four consisted of a Poster, a Collector’s Binder, a Full-size Metal License Plate, and a Heated Travel Mug. The fifth and final gift is this Display Base which arrived with my shipment of Issues 9 and 10 (Kits 31-38).

The Display Base consists of a fairly simple black wooden frame. The frame is finished with a matte lacquer paint and the corner seams are filled pretty well. It is 27″ W x 14-1/4″ D x 1-9/16″ in size, but the plague mount at the front adds another 7/8″ of depth. At the front, there is a glossy faceplate with the Eleanor logo in full color (under a protective film in this image):

This design is slightly different than what is advertised on the Eaglemoss website (shown below), but it is perfectly acceptable:

I won’t be using this base as my partworks are in a display case, but it is a nice plinth to display the completed model on!

5 thoughts on “Free Gift #5”

    1. At some point during the build, Eaglemoss will charge you like $90 USD for one and send it to you. I have opted out of all my crystal display cases.

  1. I sadly won’t be getting my base since it’s no longer with Eaglemoss and I’m only waiting on the last delivery to complete. Fanhome said they won’t ship it due to the fact I don’t start from issue 1 with them.

    1. Yeah, we can’t hold Fanhome responsible for something Eaglemoss delayed and then didn’t send. However, my understanding is that Fanhome is trying to work out if they can offer back issues/gifts as a standalone purchase next year.

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