I’m a baaaad man

“See ya tomorrow night, Eleanor, with your fine ass.” – Donny, Gone in Sixty Seconds

I am not typically interested in the classic Ford Mustangs, but both of the Eleanor fastbacks are beautiful machines.

This Fanhome 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang (originally from Eaglemoss/Die-Cast Club) is based on the hero car from the 2000 film Gone in Sixty Seconds starring Nicholas Cage. I signed up for this partwork back in April 2020 and it should start shipping in February 2021. We are almost there, so check back soon!

3 thoughts on “I’m a baaaad man”

  1. Looking forward to following along this build with you. Your site for the Delorean made it so much better to get through my build (in progress).

    1. I am looking forward to it as well! My first parts just arrived at home, but I am on vacation until next week. They should be online soon!

  2. Right along here with ya! Ive done alot of custom work as well. Makers Cave lights and turn signals. Kit 1. DeAgostini Kit#3 Engine top. Cobra oval air cleaner..And valve covers Added. (Adding the 427 and going with a 67 original detail under the hood.. wiring.. pulleys.. electrical. Carbs are brass.. detailed..detailed and wired battery..alternator..fuel lines…etc..
    “Lug nuts” from RC4WD acorn head 3mm x 8 mm bolts…valve stem.. aluminum rotors with red caliper paint on the calipers..calipers have bleeders..and brake line fittings..of brass / aluminum.. rubber lines.. 1/8 A/C Cobra deep dish rear rims..All GT Cobra badges. And im only on kit 10!

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