I’m a baaaad man

“See ya tomorrow night, Eleanor, with your fine ass.” – Donny, Gone in Sixty Seconds

I am not typically interested in the classic Ford Mustangs, but both of the Eleanor fastbacks are beautiful machines.

This Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Mustang Eleanor is based on the hero car from the 2000 film Gone in Sixty Seconds starring Nicholas Cage. I signed up for this partwork back in April 2020 and it should start shipping in February 2021. We are almost there, so check back soon!

2 thoughts on “I’m a baaaad man”

  1. Looking forward to following along this build with you. Your site for the Delorean made it so much better to get through my build (in progress).

    1. I am looking forward to it as well! My first parts just arrived at home, but I am on vacation until next week. They should be online soon!

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