The Fanhome 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang is the most detailed partwork model of its kind. My understand it that it is based on scans of a real Eleanor owned by Denice Shakarian Halicki. For a model that costs upwards of $1500 USD you would think it would be perfect, but you will be wrong. There are always opportunities to customize and add more realistic details to every model.

Luckily, there are communities of fans who, like myself, are passionate about the movie and the car.  Some of them will produce amazing custom modifications (mods) you can add to your Eleanor Mustang to give it more accuracy and detail.

Some mods will be very affordable and others are quite expensive. It is totally up to you which ones to install. Every build is going to be slightly different no matter what, so do what you want!

On that note, here is a list of the mods I have chosen for my build. Details on and where to get each mod can be found on their individual pages.

My Custom Mods

ModificationIn Kit(s)
Chrome Wheel Nuts2, 7, 30
Black Valve Stem Caps2, 8, 31
Detailing the Engine Top/Cylinder Head Covers3
Chroming the Oil Filler Cap3
Detailing the Carburetors3
Rerouting the Headlight Wiring4
Painting the Brake Calipers6, 9, 29, 34
Adding Color to the Gearbox Cover41
Adding Color to the Dashboard Frame53
Chroming the Glove Box Door button54
Painting the Radiator Core75, 76
Detailing the main Engine75, 78, 81, 82
Spark Plug Wire Clips82