The Eleanor is BACK!

The last time I received any parts for my 1:8 scale Eleanor Mustang partwork build-up was November 2021. Then, in July 2022, the entire distributor Eaglemoss/Die-Cast Club just flat went out of business.

Now, after more than a year, our Eleanor is returning back to life through Fanhome! And thankfully, they are allowing ex-Eaglemoss subscribers resume our subscriptions from any point after Issue 1 – in my case the next shipment will be Issue 16 with Kits 59-62.

As of right now, they can only ship to the USA, UK, and Germany. The links to sign back up can be found below:

Shipments are expected to begin by the middle of March in the USA, but as early as the end of January 2023 for UK/DE customers. Additionally, Fanhome has said that FREE GIFTS will be included along the way, but they may be different than what Eaglemoss offered.

I have had a great experience with Fanhome so far and am looking forward to completing my Eleanor Mustang!

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